When she was younger, my baby girl was a champion napper. She went down like clockwork twice a day for at least a couple hours at a time. It was glorious…Then she became a toddler. With toddlerhood came her refusal to even consider nap time.  I mean she fought it tooth and nail. Can you guess how ready I was to accept that naps were no longer a part of our routine? NOT AT ALL. So, I started to try different things to see if I could convince her that nap time really was a good idea…

1. A NapMat…Seeing as she would just not into getting in her bed during the day, I tried a NapMat on for size. She thought it was fun to “sleep on the floor,” and mama thought it was fun to get a break. Haha! We love this one from Uber Mom! It’s fit for a princess and you know that was a big selling point with my little lady! It may take her a minute, a pink Napmat is awfully exciting after all, but she does settle down.

2. Pajamas…Getting her all comfy in some loungewear was key. She couldn’t help but want to cozy up under her blankie after slipping into a pair! Tomi Kids makes the sweetest jammies. I’ve even been known to run errands with her in them after she wakes up. She doesn’t like taking off her “comfy clothes” and that’s a battle that’s definitely not worth fighting when said comfy clothes are so darn cute!

3. Socks…Along the same vein as the pajamas, cozy socks just up the comfort factor at nap time. If she’s not comfortable, she’s definitely not going to lie down. And being that we’ve had some very chilly days this winter, these Pals Socks have been just the ticket. Plus, they come in fun animal styles. What kid wouldn’t love them? I kind of want a pair for myself. Haha!

So, have you had trouble getting your toddler down for a nap too? Do share your tips mamas. I’m always looking for more!

Jodi Mockabee on Tomi Kids

I get to be their mom!! Feeling all the sappy feelings because we have had a really wonderful week together. I'm just so very proud of them. And for the first time ever, they have matching jams. 😍 Thank you, @tomikids!